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Established in 1990, Net2Phone’s parent company IDT is a NYSE listed company with 2012 revenues in excess of $1.6 billion driven by 1400 employees across six continents.

As the pioneer of VoIP, Net2Phone is the largest distributor-based VoIP provider in the world. Net2Phone provides a full suite of Voice over IP solutions in over 160 countries. As the largest distributor-based VoIP Provider in the world, Net2Phone routes millions of minutes daily over data networks, offering high quality voice services and saving consumers and businesses up to 90% off international calling rates.

Net2Phone Office provides businesses with a Voice over IP solution that uses the cloud to move businesses away from expensive, traditional phone lines. Net2Phone Office Solutions reduces operating costs while delivering scalable, flexible business VoIP solutions with top of the line customer service and technical support, allowing companies to focus on their core business.

The Net2Phone Office “Pay as You Grow” model allows customers to sign up with as little as one extension and add more extensions as needed. With no minimum and no maximum requirements, Net2phone Office fits the needs of any size business.

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